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Lake District Weekend Update
14th November 2017

Friday afternoon we got away eventually after a mad rush packing the van with a weekends supply. It was fairly late on when we eventually arrived in Ambleside after what seemed an eternal hard dark drive across the A66. So it was a case of parking up and finding the nearest pub (that Allowed dogs) for a pint and a chill. Its good to talk over a pint or 2 for what maybe forthcoming over the weekend. We decided that a sleepover down by the river Rothey Under Loughrigg road was a good place to camp for the night.
Saturday morning was met with howling winds and hard rain, and no I didn’t get up for an early morning walk up to Loughrigg Fell, which was the plan. So with that disappointed feeling it was back to bed for a couple of hours.
After a good hearty full English breakfast we had a good walk to Stockghyll Falls. If only we had visited 2 or three weeks earlier the autumnal colours would have been more vibrant. The trees had lost most if not all of the leaves, still it is a great walk to get you in the mood.
Later that day we had already decided to go up on to Loughrigg Fell for sunset and to hopefully capture the image I had in mind. Having been in lovely sunshine for most of the afternoon and after the horrible start to the day the clouds then decided to move in to the west and block out the sun, (Had I killed a robin or something) meaning I had no beautiful last light casting its warm hand across the pastures of green beneath us. With the shot I had planned anyway I set up and waited for the light to come and it turned out better than I thought. Job done.
Lake District Weekend
08th November 2017

Well i'm happy to say I am looking forward to the weekend as its a trip to the Lake District. Its a rather long overdue trip to be honest as we have been so busy this year with photos for the North York Moors national park,we just have not had the time to go. We should be setting off on Friday late afternoon but of course it will be dark by the time we arrive, good job I know plenty of spots to park up then. So if you would like to follow me and see the results from the images of the weekend please get in touch or visit my Flickr,Instagram or Twitter page. This is my first piece of Blogging on this page so have yet to see if anyone see's it. If you do will you kindly let me know you have seen it. Cheers.

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